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Why was my TT thread closed


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I had a thread on ECU mapping going and it has now been locked.

There was a vendor that hopped on the thread because people were unhappy with his product support. Naturally people were not nice at first myself included. I tried to steer the group back to the subject manner of mapping even ask the moderator if I should start a new thread he said no.

The vendor kept jumping back on the thread even after I asked him nicely to please start a new thread if he wanted to discuss his products. 

People were responding to him but were still unhappy with the product and I guess the moderator locked the thread.

 Nobody was making threats they were basically just voicing their frustrations. The vendor chose to join the conversation and kept responding. If he didn't like the replies he could of chose to not respond. 

I don't understand why TT decided to lock the thread. I feel like it was due to the back and forth between the vendor and TT members.  I thought TT was for the users to discuss motorcycles good, bad or indifferent. So be very careful not to bad mouth vendors or you risk getting your thread locked and possibly thrown off TT.

 I fear this post might get me kicked off TT but I felt the need to express my disappointment. 

There was allot of good information on the thread and I was planning on periodically updating my experience with different mappings. I don't have time or energy to recreate all the previous information that was posted on that topic. And I can't  guarantee people won't mention the same vendor again and it starts all over again. The TT members lose in this scenario unfortunately.  

Thanks to the members for everything you contribute I hope I can stay but time will tell. 


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