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05 Ktm 525 exc head light only works when rev it!!!!!

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I recently traded my 250 for this bike, it is fully street legal has the Baja design kit, two of the blinkers are broken off and my headlight only works on high beam setting and you have to rev it, along with the headlight on the blinker and horn don't work! Electrical issue? Stator?

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I have the same bike that is also plated.  This problem will require some decent electrical troubleshooting skills.  Not sure what your capability is here.

You can find an electrical schematic in the operator manual.  The bad news is that your electrical may not be wired like the manual since it wasn't plated from the factory, but it will still be a good guide. I keep an 11 x 17 print of this schematic in my toolbox with the DC, AC and ground lines all highlighted in different colors.  I find this helps troubleshooting and I have better than average understanding of electricity.

From the factory, your headlight was wired to work on AC generated by the stator.  Sometimes people change to an aftermarket stator and operate the headlights off the DC side of the rectifier.  People say the stock stator doesn't provide enough power to operate a headlight on on DC but the previous owner of my bike, wired it that way and it seemed to work.

The '05 stator is known to be a problem.  Mine failed a couple years ago after a severe overheating episode caused by a Trailtech temp sensor housing failure.  I have since replaced the stator/rectifier with a trailtech unit that outputs much more DC power.

Sorry I can't give you a 'go check here' and your bike will be fixed.  Did your headlight ever work?  Did it ever work the the bike off?  AC wiring only works when the bike is on while DC will work on or off.


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