My 99 YZ 400F just got a red sticker. Is this right?

Went to the DMV to register my bike this morning and they gave me a red sticker. I showed them where on there own website it shows that if it is older than 02 it is a green sticker. Am I right. Should this get a green sticker? What can I do? This bike had never been registered before. This red green thing has got to end. What can we do? It's BS.

Anything before '02 is green sticker, period.

Ok So I pulled up the CA DMV website printed out some literature showing that if your bike is 2002 or older it is an automatic green sticker. Took it to them with my red sticker in hand and showed them the paperwork. Reply was "oh we were having computer problems" Whatever. Got my green sticker and am good to go. Makes me wonder how many people out there have a red sticker when they should have a green. What a stupid system anyways.

Red sticker, green sticker..what does it all mean? No stickers required in Illinois...YET!

Red sticker, green sticker..what does it all mean? No stickers required in Illinois...YET!

This will explain everything....

I used to live in IL (Crystal Lake) until 1998 and they had just started smog testing cars. I sure hope you dont have to deal with red/green sticker BS.

This is what i would like to see is 2 smoke's go to red sticker no matter what year it is and ALL 4 stroke's are green no smoke coming out my pipe should be a green sticker bike......... :)

the deal is EMISSIONs, unfortunately it's not just the smoke coming out of the pipe, it's the db level as well. maybe you can try a quiet insert on your pipe and see if it meets with the noise level specs for emissions. if you pass both the smoke and volume test why shouldn't you get a green sticker...hell, they're letting some people get plates. after that put your pipe back the way it was :)

I have a green sticker from a 2001WR400 that I never put on the bike.. I have the sticker with backing.. Can I use this if I buy a new 04 bike? -- Or are ther identifying marks on it that hold it to a particular bike?

the number on the sticker is matched to your bikes frame number at the dmv. if you get pulled over and they run the number it will tell them what year and type of bike the sticker is supposed to be on, as well as owner info.

I put a quiet core insert into my T4 and it doesn't sound any quieter. I'm converting my YZF to street legal in NJ no less.

Hope this doesn't screw me up since I've invested alot of cash converting the damn thing.

When I bought my son's first bike, an '01 CR80RB, in February of 03, they gave me a red sticker at the DMV. About a month later, they sent me a Green in the mail.

Red light, green light is total BS, which makes it typical California Gummint

Gotta Love the PRK (Peoples Republic of Kalifornia)

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