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WR250F 2003 Model

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Wanting to make a few changes to the bike to make it look a little nicer if anyone could help with the below questions id be very appreciative.

1. where to purchase replacement fenders that will fit this bike nicely

2. looking to remove the light that sits on the top of the back tail fonder and have a single like on the bottom thinking the below link may do the trick please advise if this is dooable.

3. are there any replacement for the Carby to fuel injection to change the ignition to a key start instead of a kick start. (" i've yet to stumble across anything ").


Any Advice on this to make my life easier would be awesome.

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For your bike, the newer alum frame rear fenders will not fit.   Your best option for a rear fender, is to buy a YZF rear fender and cut out as required to clear your overflow tank.  As to which brand fender, IMO, the OEM Yamaha fenders were the best made.  UFO was too flimsy/floppy, Acerbis was OK, but the OEM was the best & stiffest rear fender.  You'll need a stiff rear fender to support the extra weight of the tail light.

Not sure if any brand YZF rear fender will support something as large as the rear tail light in your link.  (unless that combo light is lighter than it appears)  I'd go with a smaller lighter LED tail & brake light, and then add the small LED turn signals on the sides of your rear fender.

When adding all these lights, pay attention to whether you have AC or DC current.  The LED lights may not work with AC current.

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