03 kx250 clutch vibrating??

I recently purchased a restored kx250 and rebuilt the motor. Everything in the motor is new except for the clutch carb, and cylinder head. Everything else has less than 4 hours on it so far. I recently began hearing a vibrating noise appearing to come from the bottom end. It is more noticeable on the right side of the motorcycle and gets around 80% quieter when I pull in the clutch lever. Any ideas on what it could be?

i recorded a video Here 



Sounds normal to me

My kx250f does the same thing and my yz did it too so i think the noise is normal but these are 4 strokes idk if it would be different with 2 strokes. A guy on here i think,rebuilt the whole engine with oem parts and it still made the same noise.

They do that.  You could try replacing the clutch hub, basket and all bearings but it might only reduce the noise.  No big deal though.

running a full quart of oil in tranny will quite it some

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