2000 yzf 426 parts for sale

[ ooops.......okay, here is the list.

Front Forks 435$

Rear Shock 70$

Complete Seat 70$

Front Brake Caliper, Line, Pads, Rezzy 150$

Rear Brake Caliper, Line, Pads,Rezzy 90$

All fenders minus rear sideplates 70$

Top and Bottom clamp with Stem 75$

All prices include shipping, 100% satisfaction guaranteed......Thompsoncreekrider@hotmail.com

[ April 29, 2002: Message edited by: MXBUBS1 ]

what parts ? :)

Parts is parts!

I also have the stock swingarm and linkage left for $115 and the complete radiator in great shape for $215..........that includes shipping.....Thanks, Craig Graham.

Front Forks $400

Rear shock $50

Complete seat $55

Top and Bottom Clamp and Stem $55

Axles and Spacers and Nuts $45

Radiator $200

One side only $110

Rear Brake Caliper, Line, Fluid Rezzy $70

Prices reflect shipping....Thanks, Craig Graham.

Front Forks 375$


I am interested in the triple clamps ?

Do they include the races and bearings ?

Did you have the 2000 yz426f Owners Manual to sell?

Front Forks 350$

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