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Keep 250f or trade for 125

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Hello All,

another "should I" question. I am a new dirt bike rider.  I started off riding my buddy's 450 4 stroke. We ride mostly tracks and non technical trails. I'm 49 so everything at this point is a "business decision"... so far no real jumping and I don't see much in the near future. I would like to, but need to get to that commitment point. even then I don't see myself clearing doubles and such. As I said I was riding a 450 but when I decided to purchase a bike I purchased a 05 250F. I've spent the last few months getting it fixed and ready to ride. Waiting on a few parts I have yet to ride it but it still seems so heavy and frankly intimidating. I'm contemplating trying to trade it for a 125 2 stroke. Here's the issue I'm 6'3, 210 (no gear) at the moment, but dropping pretty fast. Would it be wise for me to go to a 125 just because I'm a beginner or should I stick with the 250 and try to get use to it? Or maybe try to find a 250 2 stroke?? 


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I got back into the sport a few years ago at 43 years old

(not much previous MX experience to begin with, mostly rode a 3-wheeled ATV in my teens)


Being a fan of 2-strokes and, because of a good deal on a 2 year old new/leftover bike, I got a brand new 2010 YZ125 the summer of 2012.


The learning curve wasn't too bad thanks to many YouTube 'how-to' videos (I ride recreational MX on vet tracks, all tabletops, no doubles)

my skills mostly progressed after the 2nd season, I had finally started to get the suspension dialed in which helped my confidence.


Fast forward to 2017, I'm now 48 years old, 165lbs, non-smoker/drinker, don't train but in decent shape.

My skills have now improved to the point of clearing bigger tabletops and small doubles,

I can even out-brake and out-corner quite a few younger riders but now realize :

age does eventually catch up with you !


All this to say, 125's are 'all or nothing', they require you to commit ALL the time,

not slack off your concentration, always be it the right gear, not let the revs drop etc. All of this wears you out much faster when riding.

They are a lot of fun but, with minimal low end torque simply don't forgive mistakes as easily as a 4-stroke or 250 2-stroke can.


With the experience gained and, knowledge acquired in owning / maintaining another 4-stroke bike (CRF250X used for off-roading)

if I were to buy a brand new bike for MX track riding, it would likely NOT be a 125.


The extra weight of the 250F can sometimes be an advantage, to some the 125's lighter front end may actually feel less planted / too skittish.

 (realized this recently when riding my much heavier CRF250X on an MX track)

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A 125 might be lighter and funner, but a 250f will be faster and pull you around more. You might get a little lazy on the 250, but the 125 would make you learn better habits and teach you quicker since it requires much more attention while riding.

Up to you and what you're looking for.

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A 125 2t won't have the lowend to enjoy yourself, a 250 2t will hurt you and being a new rider you won't get used to it.

Put a throttle tamer on the 250F and get used to it or find a milder 4t

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You need to ride a 125 first and the answer will probably be clear.

The power delivery is very demanding as there is barely enough power to even pull it's own weight at lower rpms only to hit with a hard, relatively short winded blast of power in the mid-range to top end.

You'll find it much easier to learn on a 250F. A 250 2 stroke will be similar to the 450(depending on make and year) but the power delivery will be more abrupt and also more prone to wheel spin.


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