2-Trac again

So, the WR450F 2-Trac is out on sale for the public - way cool. Even cooler: Yammie is planning a YZ450F 2-Trac Supermoto... They did test it on a R1 with good results... Wonder if a YZ motocrosser will ever be avaliable with 2-trac. Anyone tried the WR yet?

You think that a lot of people are going to spend the cost of a new Wr450 + $3500 bucks?

Yeah, that is the cost! $3500 additional bills on top of the new Wr. That may be a magazine only bike for a while!

Is that mean 2 wheel drive?

Is that mean 2 wheel drive?

That's what it means. :)

2-Trac Link

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is a Euro only bike right now.

YOu can order it from the dealer. I use to know the check box for the code number of the 2 trac system. Yamaha is only going to import a limited number the first year (either 100 or 300) to the states.

But like said Wr450+ $3500.

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