YZ426 Cam Swap? Possible? Instructions?

Hey guys, I got a few questions and I was hoping you'd be able to help. A friend of mine just got a 2001 YZ426, it's his first four stroke. I ahve heard about people running the 03 YZ450 cams in the 426 motors so that they can have automatic decrompression. How many of you have done this mod? What were the results? What parts and/or mods are required? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

It works. Do a search and check the HUGE thread at the top of this forum's first page.

You only have to use the exhaust cam and can swap for the 450.

I think hot cams also makes a decompression cam.

I (along with hundreds of others here) used the yz450 exhaust cam and lost my desire to buy a new bike :)

Read the post at the top of the forum...it's all there. Yes it works!!

Oh my god thats so many pages... LOL

Anyone know what page I would be able to find most of the info I need on? I'm skimming through but it's taking a while... lots of pages :)


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