Wheep Hole


I've got this Wheep-Hole Problem. Means the coolant coming out from the tiny hole under the Waterpump.

Please can you tell me which Partnummer of the following link i have to replace:

How can i remove the waterpump impeller ?

Is it necessary to remove the whole right side of the Motor ?

Or is it easy to remove the impeller ?


The right crankcase cover must be removed to gain access for impeller removal. Concerning which parts to buy, it depends on what caused the seals to leak. ie: bad bearing, scored impeller shaft, or just old tired seals.

On your parts attachment sheet I would replace Ref #4&5 seals, #6 bearing, #10 gasket (crush washer), and if the impeller shaft is scored replace ref #1. The housing gasket ref #8 can be reused if in good shape.

Use caution removing the impeller, trust me they break easy. If you don't have a manual, I would highly recommend that you buy one. They have a good description of the maintenance procedure, plus, very important torque values that will help avoid unnecessary grief.

Anyone,if I missed something please respond!

Good luck.


I had the weep hole prob on my 99' after letting is set towards the front of the garage in the winter time and not running for 3wks.

If it were me ......I would start with simply replacing the seal.

I spent a total of 6bucks on the shaft seal and the cover O-ring gasket. It took about 15 min to replace and had NO idea what i was getting into!

Make sure when you pull the old seal out you are very careful and gently pry it out with a small screwdriver.

Then when you replace w/new one......drive it in SQUARE! I used a socket that was just slightly smaller than the seal and tapped it with rubber mallet.

Very simple but be very GENTLE!!! :)

To me this would be worth the gamble of $6 and 20min ,replacing these things first rather than taking everything ( crankcase cover) off of the bike. This way is just taking the waterpump cover off and undoing a nut on the impellor.

I did the gamble and it has not leaked for over a year now! :D

[ April 29, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

Thumpin is right, do that first. I dont agree with thumpin that it was a gamble. You will able to see the impeller shaft surface that the seal rides. Make sure that its smooth. Also, install the seal with flat side "in" or in other words, the inside of the seal towards the coolant.

Ya, that makes more sense, do the easier procedure first. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I wish my waterpump problem went that good! :)

Oky, i will try this out. Hope it's nothing wrong with the Watercirculation, i changed the head-seal

just before this problem starts...

Thanx for your motivation !!



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