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2005 Head Pipe Spider Web Cracks

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So, I had a fabulous 2 days of riding with my family this weekend.  My bike was running the best ever after finally getting it dialed in while healing up from my broken sternum.  Unfortunately, during Sunday's riding, what started as an untraceable buzz, turned into an absolute obnoxious clatter by late afternoon.  So, I ended up parking it in the trailer, it was almost 5pm anyway.  Upon unloading my bike on Monday, I decided to start it and ride it into the shop, and the noise was unbearable and quite obvious an exhaust leak.  Put the bike on the triangle stand to peak and found a 1" tear right on the first bend off of the head.


So, yesterday after work I decided to pull it off and get it cleaned up.  What I thought was a 1" crack turned out to be a series of cracks.  It appears that at some point when the bike went down (it's been down before I got it, and has been down since) the metal must have torn just a bit, and then the vibrations and torque of the motor just started tearing the heck out of it, following every little tiny crease from getting bent.  After a thorough inspection, the main crack went almost all the way around the pipe.  I don't have $200 for a head pipe right now, so I'm going to have my neighboring shop try to TIG it up to get me thru the season.  Not costing me anything, so it's worth a shot.


Unfortunately I didn't think to take a pic before I took it over there last night.  I'll try to snap a pic 1st thing this morning if the welder hasn't gotten to it yet.  Has anyone else heard of or seen this before?  It's a stock head pipe with a FMF silencer.

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