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best place to find a working 83 RM125 engine only

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So the 83 RM125 that i'm trying to get working again blew up taking the head with it...i'm pretty sure the crank bearing is shot too.  a little more work than i wanted to get into with this, so I was hoping to find a motor that i can throw in and get this thing back to life again.

Any suggestions?  are there any motorcycle junk yards that would ship a complete engine?  anyone have one for sale by any chance?

Thank you!

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youll be struggling to find a complete engine for that year

there is a complete 84 bottom end on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Suzuki-RM-125-1984-Engine-Motor-Lower-End-for-Parts-or-Repair-/282607802858?hash=item41ccbcd9ea:g:Fm4AAOSw8GtZXBBb&vxp=mtr

probably best to strip yours down and go thru what needs replacing - you can still get odds and ends

or maybe source info on what later models might fit

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