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01 cr250r swing arm needed

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Was replacing linkage/swing arm bearings and found the damage. anybody else have this happen? I've heard of the chain causing this but the chain slider was in decent shape. I'm not a welder but it seems to be too far gone to be fixed in my opinion. but like I said i'm no welder. anyone have advise or by chance a swing arm laying around?






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I have an 00 cr250 and an 03 , both had this type of damage, just not as bad. The 00 is stripped down and im getting a welder to fix it up. 03 I put a new guard and a pice of steel sheet under the guard as it wasnt too bad, at some point I'll either get it welded up or filled in with steel epoxy. 

I noticed the 03 and the 00 appear to be the same , so you should be able to look for 00-07 swingarms if you are looking for a replacement.




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