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Xt350 chain rattle when braking??

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I'm back with another post... I thought I could handle this myself but after 3 days of messing with this I am at a loss. When I pull my front brake, I get a rattle noise coming from the front sprocket area. The same happens if I bounce the suspension.


My chain was a little loose so I tightened it as tight as I could safely go. It was annoying messing with those spacers on the rear tire by myself but I finally got everything back together (including having to make a new gasket for the cover >.>). I thought that would be the end of it but the noise persists. The front sprocket itself has a little wiggle play to it but the bolts are tight so I assume that is normal.


Does anyone have any idea what this is? It is driving me nuts that I can't ride my bike because I'm afraid I'm going to break something yet the thing that appears to be making the noise doesn't seem to want to stop. 

The front sprocket area was always a little noisey when the bike is off but I figure it is supposed to be that way. I have not had this issue before and it only does it when I brake with the front or bounce the suspension. Not from engine braking or rear brake.


I have put 1000 miles on the bike this summer and it hasn't made this noise once... now it does it every time. I am 99% sure this is coming from the sprocket area and not the front brake area. I can feel vibration on the footpeg


Please help me. Lol. I got laid off and can't afford to send this bike to a shop.. besides there is no shop here and I'd have to rent a trailer

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