What size sprockets are you all running? What are the pros and cons to each size?

13/49 is what I run, I droped the front to a 13 because i do lots of woods riding and in tight spots the factory was geared to high for my liking. I was feathering the clutch to much. Only thing it hurts is your top end. I have only been in 5th gear hitting top end once to see what it would do. that was on the road going to a trail. When riding an a MX track, I have never been topped out in 5th gear, therefore it is perfect for my type of riding. It is a little harder to keep the front end down though. While riding woods before the change i was running in 1 and 2 gear, now after the change i run in mostly 2and 3rd. Hope this helps.

I ride MX only. I go with 14/50 or 14/51 depending on how tight the track is. For me, this puts me in third most of the track. I tend to be a lugger and this these combo's help me out with killing it in corners.

I too ride almost the entire track in 3rd but the stock gearing is great for me. Your choice should depend on where you ride most often.

Im running a 14/51 combo also. It really helped out 3rd gear. Good punch coming out of corners.

I use to ride in the trails a lot so I went to a 13/49, but I have been hitting the track a lot more and do a little too much shifting for the tracks around here. I will probably go to a 14/51 if I start racing.

What is the Stock gearing on an '02 426? Also what is a good brand Rear sprocket to get? Would the DID ERT chain be strong enough, its rated for up to 250cc's while the DID MX chain goes to 500cc's. Would the low end grunt and added traction be more stressful on a chain than a 250cc bike? although they are close to the same HP?

I converted mine to drive shaft like the BMW :)

You guys must have some slow MX tracks. There is one close to where I live that requires 5th gear, 4th pinned just isint enough. And I run stock gearing.

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