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Help with new aftermarket suspention

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Hey guys. Just picked up a 2014 Ktm 450 xc-w. Guy before me had the suspension done by Stillwell Performance. It's super plush but he was what I would call average or a little smaller. I'm 6'4 265lbs. I know enough about suspension to change a spring or fork seal but that's about it. Also this is my first non Japanese bike so a little bit of new territory too. Can anyone tell me if I can just order the correct spring rate for my weight, which I've done with stock suspensions, or do the spring rates apply differently with the re-valving by Stillwell? Also he said the rear had a lowering spacer that was "European Spec" for better handling on it. The seat height seems the same as my other bikes but as tall guy I don't want any lowering. Is it possible to take it out myself? If not I may just leave it. I really don't have the money to send it off after buying this bike so hoping some front and rear springs is all I need.


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