What stabilizer setting do you use?

I have a GPR stabilizer adjusted to it's midpoint setting (3 on a 1-6 scale). This makes rocks, ruts and sandy areas (not sand washes) much easier to handle. I am going to try it in deep sand soon and was wondering how you guys adjust for that. Do you go full on (highest setting) or close to full on in deep sand washes?


I generally put it on 3 to 3.5 and leave it. In the sand I might go as high as 4.

Thanks Old_Man_Time

I read somewhere that no one ever cranks a stabilizer up to the highest setting and I wanted to get some more feedback.


I read somewhere that no-one ever cranks a stabilizer up to the highest setting

I crank mine up to the highest level occasionally especially in Mexico, as well as some long rides in sand washes. :) Don't be afraid to try it. Only problem is when I started to crank it up it tore the post(clamp-on) loose from the frame a few times. :D

It's great to practice with it cranked up in the tight stuff.......teaches you to use your feet more to turn. :D

It's kind of hard to get a grip on the handlebars with your feet, especially when you're wearing boots. :)

Since riding with you I have been practicing steering more with the pegs.

Thanks for the warning about the clamp popping off. There is a deep sand wash out at Nomads Park and I will try the max setting.

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