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Guess this problem

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Just for kicks, I was wondering if anyone can guess what was wrong with my kx250f


Year:2011-fuel injected


After a total strip down restoration of a semi beat down 250f, when it came time to start it for the first time, it would start first or second kick, then die and not start for a few minutes, then repeat the symptoms. What is it? As soon as someone guesses, I will verify.


Hint-Bike ran fine before I did the work


Work performed:

Bike stripped down-every nut, bolt and clip

Cases split-new bottom end-

Both cases replaced

New cylinder, piston, rings

Valve seats and new titanium valves


Pretty much everything else on the bike



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electrical.  Maybe vehicle down sensor

When reassembling the bike. I accidentally put the down sensor back in upside down. Took a couple hours to figure out, but only a minute to fix.
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