Stomp Design

Anyone have experience with these bike gripping decals? Do they stay on your bike,or quickly peel off? I'm about to order them, just wanted some reviews first.

thanks guys


I use StompGrip, I bought the set last august and the grips that are on my airbox have not peeled at all and they look like they are practically there to stay, with the set some others were to be placed on the frame. These are peeling off at the edges so I put safety wire around them and it has stopped them from peeling, I think that I may have not cleaned the frame rails well enough.

As for the performance, I love these :) and would recommend everyone usuing them. I can grip the bike like never before, now I do not have to always be holding so tight with my legs, in turn conserving more energy. :D I also noticed much better control in the whoops and jumps. These helped me become part of the bike and I really think you should try them.

If you do try them I would recommend wiring the top and bottom of the grip that is supposed to go on the frame, to prevent dirt getting in and slowly pelling them off. :D As for the grip that goes on the airbox I don't think mine will ever come off :D

OK you convinced me, thanks!

Oh yea the stuffs the bomb. I have it on both bikes. I haevnt had a problem with it coming off although the honda guys seem too. Just make sure you scuff the airbox when you put it on. Then use a hair dryer.

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