New paint on YZ426 allmost done.... Pics

I took the bike totally apart and this is the result.

Changed ALL bearings and replaced the clutch basket due to broken springs. New DID chain and renthal sprockets.

WB E-series is on next week.

Ordered black plastic but some of it is still underway..

Bougt some black close also and now they all call me the shadow.... Wonder why? :):D

Looks sweet!

What did you use on your tank? Paint? Graphics?

Looks like you built your bike in a grocery store?? :)

Thats what I was

A little to much black but maybe it just the way it looks in pics but hay :):D

I think maybe putting sum chrome or a nice graphic kit an decals front to back will really set it off well.

Doesn't he know black shows dirt? :)

Cool looking bike :D

I will put some graphics on it, but i haven´t found the right ones..

I rebuilded it at work, we are selling spareparts to cars.

Look at the BBR graphics! I too did a blacked out yz and they looked great!I bought what they called a "hot top"

it's a cover that goes over your stock blue tank so that it looks like a black tank!NICE BIKE!

you can get the black tank from ims plastics to finish off the black out

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