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Electric start problems

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Hey guys, my e-start stoped working the other day. I had just washed it (might have gotten water in it), and when I tried to start it, it made a weird popping sound, then stoped and just kind if made a sizzling/zapping/electric kind of sound. It sounded like it was coming from the fuses and wires right in front of the batt. The sound then went to the box of fuses (i think that what it is) up in front of the has tank. Its now resides there, and it is a buzzing sound. I also noticed the batt smoking, so I might have burnt it out.

Any ideas what happens and how to fix it? Thanks,


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As I said in my other post, we need to know a lot more specifics first.
And this is almost certainly better off under the model specific forum, as this is the general discussion form.
You'll get a lot more useful info there.

If you hearing electrical pops and sizzling, it sounds like something shorted out, may or may not be due to the water.
The shop manual for your bike should have a wiring diagram in it.
You'll need to get a multi-meter out and start checking for where you have voltage, where you don't and then look for burnt wires, etc.

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