Broken Header - What does FMF stand for ?

My header broke at the collector weld and they don't care - "not interested, thanks"

I thought I knew what FMF stood for but now I need to rethink that.

Any ideas?

In your case: " F irst (in) Manufacturer Flaws." :)


its too bad FMF doesnt care about anything more then the bottom line. Oh well...more reason to support smaller companies.

Escalate the issue and call Don Elmer directly and see what he has to say. Don't get discouraged yet.

Fast Muther F**kers. It's an inside joke that wasn't shared with the public. Read this in an article about the startup of FMF, the author was interviewing the owners.

I emailed FMF and asked them what their stance was on equipment sold, with crappy welds, and explained my stance was, what one person posted can sway the minds of dozens.. (didn't use user-names or anytthing)

Just wanted to know if they cared about the customer or the bottom line, and told them I appreciated in advance their honesty......

I'm not being nosey...Hell... I was lookin at some FMF stuff and wanted an honest answer from them...

Did I mention I haven't gotten a reply yet?

Maybe for some companys, silence is honesty...

Always something to think about, huh.....

I think personally... I'll wait till I hear something positive 'bout FMF... cause I have never heard anything either way regarding motard/sm until tonight..

and it "weren't" good.............



This is exactly the reason why I threw my garbage Big gun pipes away (they cracked/leaked/didnt fit right), and went back to the stock pipes which I still use. At least the stock pipes fit and don't fall apart. You can modify the HRC exhaust tip by cutting off the baffle cap and arrestor screen, leaving nothing but the bell reducer part.

Also, when I still had my YZ426, I bought an FMF silencer for it and it didn't fit right, but I still used it. After a few months, it started leaking around the seams. And all the packing blew out quick. What a piece of crap.

Never again will I spend tons of money on aftermarket pipes until I hear for sure that they are good.

I bought the PowerBomb headers from FMF and they had a bad weld where the two headers marriage into one. I called them up and they were very happy to take them back and fix them, saying that they have had a few of these with similar problems. They were under warranty still, but the guy said that it didn't really matter and would fix them anyway. I'm also running the Q muffler and had some problems with the end of the pipe not being expanded enough to receive the header portion. Nothing that a hammer couldn't fix, but I though it was B.S. that I had to manhandle the thing to get it to fit right. In the end, I'm a relatively satisfied FMF customer and think that their products sound good, are pretty stout, and can stand up to off-road abuse.

I am running a FMF Megamax on my XR600 and I love it, I tuned it in for huge torque gains and excellent sound. -Matt

well in your case:

F - frequent

M - muffler

F - failures

F - Fat

M - Mother

F - F*ckers

Here is the reply FMF gave me when I asked If they stand behind thewir stuff.. Hope it's useful...

I'm not sure who your friend spoke to at FMF but we have a 100% guaranteed warranty policy on any manufacture defects. Simply return the product and we will replace it. If you can possibly find out whom your friend spoke to that would help my cause of tracking down this problem significantly. I apologize for any mis-understanding he/she may have had with our sales department but we at FMF feel that we build the best product out there and we stand by that 100%, and if ever should there be a problem with one of our products then we want to resolve the issue and get new product out to that customer immediately! So please don't disregard FMF Racing as your performance exhaust leader based on one improper handling of an employee here. Your business and word of mouth is what makes FMF #1 and we value you and your friends as customers.

Any further questions feel free to contact me directly through FMF at 310 (email me for his direct phone number...)


Jason Partridge

FMF Rider Support

Flying Machine Factory....Glad to hear they will back their product.

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