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2015 crf 250 hard to start

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I have a 2015 crf 250r. Has about 70 hours on it. Bike is hard to start. Have to kick many times to get started. Valves were just adjusted and compression was within specs. I read where the filter in the tank could be dirty. If filter was dirty and not letting enough gas through, wouldn't it cut out when engine is at high rpm's ? Any suggestions would be great. I know this has been brought up many times but I just wanted to post my own question.


                                                                       Thanks,  B.C

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You need compression, fuel and spark.

your compression is good.

wire up a 12v battery to your fuel pump, see if it's working, making enough fuel pressure.  Injector or filter could be dirty.

check for spark and check your condenser is holding any charge.

I had starting difficult with mine after a piston change and valve shim.

I knew it wasn't a valve issue, as they were shimmed almost perfectly.  I tracked the issue to the spark, and further to the condenser. 

Also go over all your wires and connectors, including the kill switch.


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