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2008 exhaust on 2003 model

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i know this topic has been asked quite a few times before but just wanted to share what i did. to confirm yes a full wr450 2008 model exhaust will fit on a wr450 2003 model but requires some very minor modifications. firstly the header needs to be made longer by about 30-40mm . the header diameter is 40mm so its easy to find tube. the muffler mounts up at the rear but needs a bracket made up to support the midpipe. i made up a simple bracket which also doubles as a master cylinder guard, done and easy if you have a tig welder and some basic metal work skills20170729_095800.jpg.7085a653f2a4d161035f84d13f536162.jpg20170820_171032.jpg.c57009b6db471e894e0bfdae2241b530.jpg20170820_171042.jpg.eeb57a71a5133a413492e0cc5c5d91b9.jpg

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