Burning a hole in my pants!

I put a Big gun Exhaust on my bike not too long ago. It is great but, it does not have any gaurd. I have burned a hole in two pair of pants now. Does anyone make a gaurd to fit aftermarket pipes? I was thinking of getting some of that header tape that drag racers use to try and cure the problem. What do you think?

My PC pipe does the same thing.

One-Don't use header tape. It will get dirty, muddy and nasty.

Two-Sew a leather patch to the inside of the leg on your pants. Can't sew? Take it to grandma or somebody who does.

I bought some header wrap (50ft for $50) and wrapped my header. It worked for about 4-5 months...but the day I rode it in real wet/muddy conditions it came unwrapped and fell apart. I then made a header guard out of aluminum and it has been working great for over a year! Here it is: http://motoman393.forreal.net/tech/guard.html Later,


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my boots protect my pants (tech 8's) how do you guys burn your pants?

I also have tech 8's...I just move alot on the bike, and my pants would always burn until I made that guard! Later,


man i hate the burned pants. my new shift free ridder pants are burned too hell. i have not done it ridding its always went i am next to the bike. i even burned board shorts wile working on it. my buddy put heat tape on over a year ago and put clams on the ends of it. it worked great.

i had same problem 5 pairs of $130 shift pants all with burn hole from my headpipe.i found a fairly cheap solution to problem.i brought pants to cleaners and had the sew leather patch over area that gets burned.they only charged me $20 for each pair of pants.now i have no more burn hole problems.

I ran into the same problem. I ended up buying a set of pants with the kevlar insert that covers the hole calf portion of my leg. My next step is to do the header wrap as it doesn't matter to me if the stuff gets muddy or dirty. I just can't be spending $150 a month on a new set of pants.

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