Back tire keeps slipping on jumps

Could be many things. Make sure your rear axel/tire is straight. I use a straight edge, axel block marks are known to be off on some bike.

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On 8/20/2017 at 8:17 PM, Hunter743 said:


I've never risen I dirt track only sand and there is a set of sooo like bumps they are bigger and really rutted my back tire dances around there but as long is I stay in second gear or maybe even 3rd it doesn't happen it's hard to get the speed back up because it's like 10 feet from s 180 degree turn


So the jump you are having this happen is really close to a corner you are coming out of? I had that happen to me and determined it was occurring because I still had the bike leaned over a bit going into the jump. That will definitely cause the bike to kick out a bit. I actually learned to like that a bit but I kept it to a minimum. If this is the case you have two choices: 1) learn to control it and enjoy it; 2) get the bike stood up straight and go straight through the jump to prevent it from happening. Sounds like you are in first gear. So maybe a bit better corner speed, slip the clutch a little so you can stay in second, square up a little more leaving the corner. Maybe using all three fix it for you.

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