superjet project

Hey guys i'm planning on buying a sn hull this weekend it has a pump and gas tank and all cables i really wanna build this ski to be fast but no be super expensive since i'm 15 i don't have a huge budget. I would like to throw a 701 in it with a pipe and possibly mill the head while i'm at work. if anyone has any ideas and advise for my budget build it would be much appreciated thanks!  

To get even a few mph is gonna cost you money and need for better fuel, at 15 I'd focus on getting it running good and maintaining it.

If you pull the head be aware they use a relatively thick head gasket to make up for a 'wavy' cylinder deck surface. If you don't deck the cyl you should use a stock thick gasket, BUT, re torque it after a couple rides because the gasket settles. If you were deck the cyls thinner gaskets could be used vs. cutting the head.  Pulling the cyls to do that will open the door to spend more money on pistons porting etc.

changing from a 650 to a 701 will get you about 6mph

Thanks I might just do some Porting work on it then if I do take the cylinders off since I work at a machine shop I could probably get some good results with it. And I'm not planning on running race fuel just 93 at the pump.

Go find yourself a waveraider 701 to use as a donor. All the little stuff like bolts, clamps, hoses etc will nicke and dime you if you don't have a donor ski. Trust me its worth it.

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