Diesel Oil

Any thoughts on running diesel oil in my 01 426. I currently run Yamaha oil and was comparing them and other than price they are very similar.

I've been running it for about 9 months per recommendation by another TT member as well as the much refered to Mike Guillory (sp) article.

I run Mobil Delvac 1 (the diesel equivalent of Mobil 1) in my petrol powered car - I feel it is better for extended interval changing, and for a number of other technical reasons.

As for a bike, well, as long as the viscosity range, the lack of friction modifiers and such criteria is met, then I see no problem. It may be overkill, there is little carbon and sulphur to catch in a WR/YZ motor, and the change frequency is much higher, but if it is cheaper, then why not?

Oil is a (in a sense) disposable commodity.



I stopped running Mobil 1 and I now run Chevron 15w-40 in both 250F's. They actually shift better and I have gotten rid of the clutch grabbiness that they experienced with the Mobil 1. Also, it's only $1.65/qt (approx) at Costco.

I run Torco T-4R synthetic blend. I use it because that is what we alway ran in our street bikes and it never failed use in those.

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