Need info on 02' YZ426

Hey guys I am looking at a 02'YZ426 that is in good shape.The guy is asking $2300 for it and comes with a few extras.I don't know much about the bike and really haven't ridden any of the 4-stroke bikes before.I know I can get an 04'YZ450 for $5200+tax but I hate to buy a new bike when I haven't riden in about 5yrs.Is there anything I need to look out for on these bikes?

$2300 sounds like a killer deal. Around here (Colorado)I see most 426's going from $3000 to $3500. The '02 is a great bike. It is the best of the 400/426 bikes. By '02 Yamaha had the bugs worked out pretty well. I can't think of any gotchas on the '02 to worry about. Just make sure the previous owner maintained the bike well. If it is in good shape like you say it is, I would snatch it up before someone else does.

Oh, by the way, welcome to Thumpertalk. If get this bike, TT will be your best friend.

$2300? Id buy that in a second! Id expect to pay at least $1000 more in my area.

Ok I went and rode the bike about a hour ago. :shocked:The YZ426 is a beast for sure.I felt like a little girls because I couldn't start it myself.Well either could the guy that is selling it.He called his buddy over to start the thing.I going to ride a YZ250f tomorrow just to make sure the 426 is what I want.Any tips on getting this bike to start eazier?The guy that has it said he has only got it started 2 or 3 times in about 6months.I guy he got to start got it started the first 2-3 kicks.I know there must be a trick to this thing. :)

I put a 450 cam in mine starts no prob now, it's a must have...

Cycle the kick starter til you reach top dead center on the piston. (this means you can practally stand on the kickstarter & it wont turn over) Pull in the compresstion release and move the starter til you feel it go one notch past, release the compresstion release. Now bring the starter back to the top and give it a swift kick. Repeat if necessary.

Notice I didnt say give it any gas so DONT!! Or you'll be there for a while. If the motor is cold use the choke, if the motor is hot use the hot start. If you flood the motor by giving it the gas I told you not to, first, pull out the choke & hot start and go through the procedure. If that doesnt work, pull in the compression release & cycle the starter about 10 times & try again.

Thanks for all the put guys.I think having my hand on the gas was one of my problems along with other things.I think the gas in this bike is about 4months old also,so that maybe an issue also.

Buy It! If the maintenance has been kept up you won't regret it. Yes, 426's are a handful but man are they awesome! As far as the 426 vs. 250 goes, you may find that you outgrow the 250's power and you'll be right back looking for something bigger. You won't outgrow the 426.

As far as the starting goes. Tune up the 426, learn the routine ( it's really simple) and have a blast. :)

Yeah I hear you on the YZ426 being a hand full :). The more I think about it I think the yz426 is the way to go because I am 6'2 and about 250lbs.It's just I got on that bike today and it WAY more power then I thought it was going to have.My last bike was a 98'KX 125,but it didn't have enough power for me.

I definitely understand the shock you went through. My last bike before my 426 was also a 125 2-stroke. Don't worry, you will get used to it and wonder why you didn't switch sooner. I haven't found anything this bike will not do. The only thing I would suggest is that you get the suspension set up for your weight. It adds tremendously to the fun factor. :D Also, two more things. Don't freak when you notice the headpipe glow red the first time and when it spits coolant after riding slow, both are common. It doesn't take long for these bikes to heat up. Just idle it long enough when starting to warm it up then ride or shut it off. I switched my coolant to Engine Ice and haven't spit coolant since. :)

Well I got the bike today :). I am hoping to take it out this weekend if all goes well. I got on it again today and boy these bike have a ton of power. :jawdrop:That was me going across the yard.I am going to have to practice starting this for a couple of days before I take it out.

Well I got the bike today :D.

Cool! :D Your gonna love it. Don't worry about the starting drill. Once you get it down it will be second nature and you'll be able to do it in your sleep.

Have fun with your new toy! :)

"I definitely understand the shock you went through. My last bike before my 426 was also a 125 2-stroke"

My previous bike was a KX-80, 16-17 years ago :)

As for the starting drill, it's easy.

Push the kickstart down until it wont move anymore.

Pull the compression release and push the kicker down 1-2 inches.

Release the compression lever and let the kicker all the way back up, then give it one good kick.

If the motor is cold, use the choke.

If hot, you may or may not need ot use the hot-start.

I have yet to have to kick mine more than 4 times, and that was after sitting a week or two.

My last bike was a ported CR500R.I thought i was downsizing to the 426.Wrong this thing is almost as fast.You have to respect the thottle or else! :)

awsome bike for a great price i just sold mine in nov for $3700 in socal. fast and reliable bike i stuck with blue and grabbed the 04 yz450

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