VALVE ADJUSTMENT - done... thank u all

ok , so i finally did it and it and the bike started on first kick ...

im so happy thank u guys for the help , i would never do it without u .

a few prob. that i met:

1. i couldnt use the torque wrench on one of the bolts of the intake camshaft, so i used regular wrench with caution.

2. i ruined the screwing of the decompression shaft (number 13 in the partsfish), think ill put hellicoil ...

3. when i took off the decompession shaft i didnt c any oil seal/gasket , is it ok ?

and once again thank u all and next week ill do my friends wr400 1999 valves...

Congrats! I'm not sure about the decomp shaft, I haven't looked but I would expect there to be an oring or something. The manual should have a picture of the parts. It sounds like the seal stayed inside the head, which is probably OK. Hopefully someone who has had this apart before can chime in and give some advice.

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