Need a New E-Start switch

I drop my bike on the trails and somehow the inner parts of the switch popped out need a new one.

Just replace with your kill switch until you get a new one ,they're the same. :)

the yamaha button is over priced. all because of the plug. get a yamaha copy at half the price and put the plug on it. it's amazing how many people this has happened to and it's always the e-start button.


Do not replace it with a stock button. Buy two bigger kill switch buttons and put them on and replace the cheap Yamaha rinky dink buttons. My both popped out after a year fo use. I also considered buying a KTM switch assembly with starter and kill on the same assembly but it gets in the way of the Yamaha brake master. :)

Where do you get a yamaha copy? My kill button came apart on the trail some where tonight. I only have 88 miles on it.

Just go down to your dealer and for $12 bucks you can get the large kill button that is about 3 times larger. Leave your existing plugs and splice the new wires and solder. Electrical tape completes the conversion. I have two big kill buttons one for E-Start and one for the Kill. :thumbsup:

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