Rad Guards and Braces

I know there was a thread on this subject a while back and wanted to know what you guy's thought which one's worked the best and gave the best protection?

I agree with bstanton, Devol Rad Gaurds and Tusk Hand deflectors ar the best value for the dough!!!

I put a set of Devol Extreme guards on my WR last week and they paid for themself this past weekend. I caught a 3" dia. tree between the scoop and tank at pretty high speed. I'm quite sure it would have destroyed the radiator without the guard.

I have Devol's on my bike and they have more than paid for themselves. I have bent the crap out of them but I have yet to damage a radiator. :) I know on two occations I would have taken out a radiator. I also hear Flatland's are good as well. No matter what you choose get a set and install them. It will be the best money spent on an extra for your bike. :D

I have Devols and am not overly impressed with them as they dont offer much side protection at all which is what i am after, not running in tught woods very often, but somehow managing to slid sudeways relatively often! I have managed to partly crush both my radiators. I have heard a number of people say they run Devols and Works connection. I am not familiar woth the Works....do they fit up front under the Devols or in back over the single brace.? I am probably going to have my Devols braced both in front and in back to offer more side impact protection - I tried my own additional metal plate but installation is real b&%çh.

Check out the guards/braces by Unabiker. I just put a set on my WR400, and all I can say is they are very well made, very trick looking, and very strong. They have two horizontal braces in the rear which I think make them stronger than the Devol or Flatland guards. Do a search under Unabiker, or check out his website at unabiker.com

You might also do a search on the DRZ forum. Lots of info. on them there.

Take a good look at the Rooster Performance gaurds. I decided to go with them after looking at all of the others. Very well thought out and easy to install. If you ride tight woods or just have a nasty habit of droping your bike for no good reason and don't want to wish that you bought the best protection then give them a try.

I have done as Indy and others have suggested. Mount a set of WC rad braces to the outside of the devol guards. Requires a little cutting of the WC brace then drill some holes and bolt it all together. Result is very strong.


Instead of using guards and braces just visit


Here is a picture of the Rooster Performance guards. Much easier to mount than the Devol's. (takes about 5 minutes)

Click here.

PM me with any questions. TT'ers get a discount. :)

The advantage of the WC brace and any guard is that it triangulates back to the tank mounting bolt. This transfers the force back to that bolt instead of rolling the rectangular brace back. The unabiker brace does look superior to the devol. I took a low hit to the guard (below the center brace on the devol) and it bent the rad causing a leak. Shouldn't be able to happen now that I added the WC braces.


Triangulation.....I knew geometry would come in handy one day. Thats exactly where the Devols weakness is. They dont have any 'triangulation'.

That does it I'm getting some WC braces to add to my Devols. I am fed up with the Devols and have spent much time and patience righting the wrongs done to my radiators even with Devols installed. I'll be damned if I want to go through it again! I will also be getting a shop to weld in some additional struts in front of the Devols so there is additional 'triangulation' up front.

Why is it if you want a job done right you gotta do it yourself most times!!

The Unabikers have perfect triangulation if that's what you're looking for.

flatland guards are made strong, fit like a glove and easy to install. had a couple nasty dust ups with no rad damage. check'm out www.flatlandracing.com


Have been using the Devol Radiator Guards on a 2000 426 since 2000. Aside from being a little difficult to install, they have worked great.

I checked on web site for some unabiker guards for 03-04 WR450's and they are not available. I Emailed them yesterday and they are being developed and should be available in 2-3 weeks. I also checked on the rooster performance rad guards and not able to purchase them on website, emailed them also and they have'nt responded yet. Seems like to many people have had problems with Devol, I'm gonna try something else. For those that have used Flatland racing guards, how do they hold up on with side impacts? That what my greatest worry, being 5'5" I tend to get high sided and unable to touch the ground some times and drop the bike at low speeds. Not that I do it alot but it did happen two weeks ago at Turkey Bay, Kentucky. Must of dropped it on a rock and smashed left rad in. Was able to bend brace back and left the rad core alone in fright of braking the outer tube and causing it to leak.

Radiator Guards are one of the first protection devices I put on all my bikes. I have used Works Connection exclusively and never had a problem. They are strong and light. They saved my radiators several times. My son has a KX85 and he has never bent the single radiator even after burring the bike after a missed double. :)

The Flatlands are nice but I still bent my radiator all to hell with them on. I have sense put on the Works C braces and it is a much stonger combo. Triangulation baby :)

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