Coil on plug experience.

Ego- neatness, easy acess to shock adj., lighter, hotter spark, can't think of any thing else, but the Yamaha factory team uses it. I have organized a kit of Ford parts for a very clean install, PM me if you are interested. Mike

Why dont you just post the info ?

Lighter = what 3 oz's :)

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Please post the info: This is not some top secret. I would be willing to purchase if someone is making a "kit", but prefer to make myself.

Wondering if anyone has contacted a cycle recycler for the cost of used GSXR coils and connecters.

If anyone is interested I'll try to borrow a digital camera and take a photo of the GSXR coil on my 426 with the tank off.

I suspect these will be on the 03.


'99 continental coil, wire harness from same car, cut plug boot off of stock coil wire, remove boot from ford coil, cut contact in half on ford coil, install stock boot on ford coil, grd neg. side of coil and blk wire on bike to suitable grd on frame, connect pos. side of coil to other wire on bike harness, install screw-on top on the original spark plug, route wiring and cover with convolute tubing to protect from chaffing, insulate coil with foam to protect from vibration. I will sell the kit, including pictures and detailed instructions, like I said for $80 shipping included in US. mike

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P.S. Today I bought a Busa coil for $37.50. It fits like a glove. It does take some patience to get in the hole LOL. I dont have the plug to connect it up yet but one thing at a time. So far the rubber bushing to seal out water fits perfect and the length is correct. I will get part# and list it later. Cya :)

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