250F / 450F combo platter?

If any of you big thumper owners that race mx/sx and also still own and race a 250F can you tell me if it is possible to be comfortable switching back and forth between both bikes?

I was exploring the possibility of running small sx tracks with the 250F and larger mx tracks with the 450F.

I am curious if switching is an issue?.Thanks for any input.:)

No problem.........love both bikes :)

Thanks...........:) I am still getting dusted by the big bores on the larger tracks. I have been practicing harder, but I still cannot make up that missing horsepower. I recently bought a mint condition 2002 2 stroke, but I cannot seem to swap back and forth. I am always in the wrong gear on the 2 stroke. Thanks again.


I had the same delima. I LOVE the 250F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the BEST bike ever built!!!!!!!! Now we have a larger selection of color to choose from, but Blue is the original 250F.

With that said...........

I have made the 450F my race bike of choice....... but, I will never be without a 250F in the Garage....... few tracks are more favorable on the 250F.......but the 250F is SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN to ride you just can't get that :D from your face. I have not put lap times on both bikes yet (not enough stamia), I will be doing some laps sooooooon. :)

If you can afford both.......... DO IT!!!! :D :D

Yes, I can do it, but I have slight dilema first...lol

I just purchased a tricked out 02 RM 250, with all of the aftermarket goodies. I got an EXCELLENT deal on it. My thinking was that if I could relearn to ride the 2 stroke, that bike would better fill both needs and I could get by with only one bike. I am just not sure I can revert back. At any rate, I will solve this dilema somehow. I mainly race on small sx type tracks, but I practice on a larger mx type track. Mixing up the tracks keeps me from getting bored.:)

I have both but I actually havent ridden the 450 since I got the 250. I will probably break it out this weekend.

You guys with both make me soooooooooo jealous.:)

Jealous...........I'm jealous of Gonzo..........he has an 04 250F :D:)

I've got both. I hear you about swapping back and forth with a 2 stroke. I the YZ450F and a YZ250 at the same time...I had to tell myself to SHIFT when I rode the 250! :)

I was having trouble on tight/jumpy tracks with the 450 and gave the CRF250R a try. Loved it so much I sold the YZ250 and bought one! Now I pretty much just take the CRF250 to the track and the YZF to the dez. If I was racing a big open track like Glenn Helen, I'd take the 450 but just about anywhere else I'm faster - LONGER on the CRF250R. Swapping doesn't seem to be much of an issue...I think the 250F is helping me right the 450F BETTER! :D

I have the 04 450 and my son has the 04 250. I ride both but only the 450's suspension is set up for me. Anyway, I can ride both on any track and feel comfortable but I do have to remeber which bike I'm on. There are step ups I just can't make on my sons 250. I need the power!

Now my son who is a much better rider than I am, and at least 90lbs lighter, can handle both bike. He can switch from bike to bike anytime and ride either to a competative level.

Oh to be young!

Craig :)

I hear ya about the missing power.We have an abundance of tracks within a 2 hour drive that encompass just about every combination of layouts.Some are small tight ax/sx type tracks and some are outdoor type measuring over 1.5 miles per lap. I really wanted to have only one big bike (for maintenance reasons)but I just don't think the 250F will do it. The 250 2 stroke would fit both needs, but I may be a thumperman for life now.:)

A buddy has both and loves to play around on the 250 but its dangerous to try certain jumps with it. The 450 is a better race bike.

I think the best vet bike might be the 250 with a big bore kit. I have heard they don't hold together that well.

My personal feeling is that overboring anything exceeds what the equipment was designed to do. Kinda like overclocking your pc..:)

I think the 250F is helping me right the 450F BETTER! :)

That's what I am hoping for. I am a completely different rider on my 250F. Hopefully I get that way on the 450.

Jealous...........I'm jealous of Gonzo..........he has an 04 250F :D:)

I rode a 250F when I took that trip to California in November at Elsinore. I fell in love. I had a CRF450 and the YZ250F. I got on the 250F and never went back to the 450. I knew then that's what I needed to buy.

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