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Anyone here running a hydraulic clutch on 10-13 450's?

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Just curious as to if anyone here is running a hydraulic clutch on there 10-13 yz450fs. I currently have a cable on mine, but recently ended up purchasing a magura hymec. The cable never really bothered me until I put some HD springs in my bike and it started tiring me out much quicker. I don't get to ride as often as I'd like....and I basically only ride track. even though I ride a 450 I'm very "clutch happy" to say the least. It's just a habit from growing up riding 2 strokes I guess.  I know some people think this year 450 has an easy clutch pull, but like I said after installing the hd springs and running a shorty lever mine had an impact on me. So if there is anyone out there using one, what do you think of it? Mine won't be here for 2 more days and Sundays the first day I'll have a chance at riding recently since it's been 100+ here for most of the summer.  I'm hoping the pulls a little bit easier.

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