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24hrs of Starvation Ridge October 14th

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  Pre-entry is open for the 24hrs of Starvation Ridge.

 WE are running the 24hr. Oct. 14th

 Pre-entries are open . Free t-shirts end Oct.1.

 Post-entry prices start Oct.1

 use 2016 form from our website.


  We have been buried this summer with health issues ( everyone in the family), government issues, and weather issues, so we have been late in getting the word out.

 We are trying to get away from the mudathons by going two weeks earlier. Hate to give up our end of October date.....but 5  mud races in the last 6 years makes one a believer.

 Stay tuned for updates.


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Hey I haven't done this race since 2003, and I am wanting to do it again but having an issue getting people for a team. But what are the changes to the track? Do you guys still go through the house and the barn? How about the "woods" Section? Since I've moved to Utah this is the race I've been talking about and just going on about! But to give you guys an idea I took these when I was in Middle School. (Last time I was there)



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Still using the house & barn, course is changed up every year. I try to run about 20 miles of course.

 We have the now  mandatory  pool behind that you can choose to go through or around.


 TYPO on my part. FREE T-shirts with entry ends September 1st, not October 1st.

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