What's bent???

I took a little spill yesterday while riding on the right side of my bike. It first appeared that the bars had bent so I took everything apart this afternoon and now I'm not so sure that it isn't something else.

The front tire looks off camber when eye-balling it to the triple clamp. Is there a better method to determine what is bent or whats not lining up?

Is it possible I bent one of the front forks? :D

Let me know if I need to give you guys anymore info.


Thanks in advance.

Loosen the tipple clamps and hold the front tire between your legs and straighten it out twisting on the handlebars.

You probably just twisted the forks in the triple clamps. Pretty common problem. Like the last poster said loosen your triple clamp bolts and pull it back in line. When I'm on the trail I kick the front wheel to get it back in line. Some people bang it hard against a tree. There is no damage there just things out of alignment.

You may have bent your triple clamps. I did it about a month ago. Try taking everything off and reinstalling it. If that doesnt work then you probably bent your clamps.

You guys rock! :D

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check it out first thing after work tomorrow. I hope it's what your telling me. :D

I'll let you know how it goes after I do some aligning. :)

Whew! That's what it was. The old fork twisted in the clamps routine. Thanks a lot guys.....I was sweating it. Now it just gives me a chance to put on a new front fender and some new grips! :)

You guys rock as usual!! :D

I'm glad you got it figured out. Trust me I have been there more the 1 or 2 times.

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