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sheng wey carb is nightmaire

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hello guys im having a serious problem with a sheng wey carb 22mm the carb is for cb175 i think its a clone for keihin PW 22mm.
the engine that i use the carb is a yamaha 110cc from a crypton r 115 all stock except a pod filter to the carb

the stock carb for that engine was a mikuni 16mm with 85 main and 35 pilot but its damaged and i found that chinese carb very cheap
now im trying to make that carb work correct but i cant... after lots of tests i found that 86 main jet gives the best top speed from my jet range(80-98)

pilot jet is stock(35 tor 40 i think it doesnt say the number) and needle is at second clip and air screw its 1 1/2.bike looks a bit lean but it has the best top speed from all jets! also i think that 86 main looks small for a 22mm carb since 85 was for 16mm.

im very confused with this carb i cant make it work correct. what do you guys recommend for pilot jet size and main jet ??isnt 86 main jet small ?



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