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Decel popping and bog .

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Yes I too suffer from the bog.
My nephews raced in northeast Texas .
2008 crf150rb
Jetting is currently :
50 leak jet
48 pilot
138 main
3 full turns out
When I opened carb first time was :
65 leak jet
45 pilot
140 main
1 1/2 turns out
Reason I started messing with jets , It was bogging a bit , popping on Decel and cutting out some mid throttle . Wide open is great .
After what I ended at today , it runs much smoother mid-full throttle . Bog is different but still there . Still popping on decel .
I started at 1 turn out and moved in 1/2's till I hit 3. On the last pass at 3 it ran the best .
Ran out of time for today .
Powers at be say 2 turns out is the farthest you should go when jetted right .
Any thoughts ?

Edit: I can feel the eyes rolling already . LOL.

I did adjust the AP timing following a solid write up , could never get it to hit the slide at all . Didn't see much change from any setting .

I think I'm going to try 42/40 pilots next .

I may have changed too much at one time , I was just going off a recommendation from a nearby associate who said that was his magic fix

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I just did the AP timing on our 2009, and had no trouble getting it to hit the slide. Have you done the AP mod where you o-ring/zip-tie the AP arms together?

I followed this vid: 


He also has another video on jetting which describes the steps.


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I followed a write up on the timing of it . In any stage of the screw , would
Not hit the slide . That's with 65 leak jet I pulled out , and the 50 I've installed . Going to clean that circuit one more good time .

I am at work , but talking on the phone , my step mother said this morning :

Bike was hard to start , running hot at idle . Had to kick it a lot . Wouldn't stay running .

She gave up and let it sit .

Came back to it , choke on , crack the throttle twice before kicking , then kicked twice with no throttle and it fired right up . Had to get on the gas a little to keep it running after that .

Once got on the track , she was amazed at how well it ran on the fast straights . Said it absolutely rips , hair was on fire compared to before .

So that means main jet of 138 and needle clip is correct ?

Just have to work on pilot and AP now ?

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This is the plug I pulled out of it yesterday with the jet settings it had when We got it .

M -140
LJ - 65
A/F 1.5 turns

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