This site just gets better and better!

I for one can't wait. I've learned a lot from you guys. Who do you think it is?


Hey Guys,

In the next week you'll see a new ThumperTalk with something that we're calling "ThumperTalk Experts" who write articles for the site once a month. We've already got a TT expert for MX Riding Techniques. I can't let out of the bag who it is yet, but he's by far the most famous 4-stroke MX racer of all time!

Stay tuned...



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It's gotta be the Dr....


Ted Nugent?


Doug Dubach?

ME! :)

Im thinkin Doug Henry. He is the only one in alot of years to win a national MX title on thumper.


Ya OZZIE and His Half Wit KID :)


yep YOUR MOM and her half wit KID :)

Boxcar Willy???

[ May 01, 2002: Message edited by: hutch ]

Pee Wee Herman?

Didn't he win something <font color=red><h3>WITH A </h3><h2><font color=blue>THUMPER</h2>??????????? :D:)

I'm still giggling over the "Nugent" one. Of course, it was a manly geezer giggle.

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