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Has anyone had ZipTyRacing do any WP Explor suspension work?

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I live up in the high desert of SoCal.

I received several recommendations for Earl Shuler Suspension so I contacted ESR. He told me he had only done one set of Explor suspension and the guy brought it back for some changes and he has never heard from the guy. That can be either good or bad!!

ZipTyRacing is about 3 miles from me. I called them and they have done several sets of the Explor suspension. They said they have some good valve settings for my ability and weight on the 17-18 Explor. Had good luck with them with my KYB stuff a few years back and the WP suspension is a whole new challenge for me.

Has anyone used ZipTyRacing for their Explor suspension? If so, your opinion?  Or other recommendations?

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Zip Ty did my 2008 XCW Open Chamber WP and they are Excellent.Very plush initially,very good in the mid stroke without bottoming.

If I am not mistaken,which I might be,but the xplor are just a more or less re-branded O.C.

Plus its cool having Ty Davis set up your suspension.


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