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Important things you should know about you KTM battery

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So I also have question but first lets get to the info. Do not transport yoir 450 sx f or other e start 4 stroke with no kick starter in gear for very far just keep it in neutral. So while in gear moving around in the back of my truck while strapped down and I don't mean more than a half inch to and fro, while in gear as it moves it trips the ecu because it thinks it's moving so it will be turning on and off constantly and kill your battery. So I through mine on a battery charger at 12v and 2 amp for 45 min. And she fired right up..NOW HERE'S THE QUESTION..i was excited to start it back up  (this bike always makes me excited) the bike was in 2nd or 1st gear and I turned it over while on the stand, the rear tire just chugged a little but that chain slap noise makes me cringe..is it bad for this for someone to mistakenly do this just for a quick second. I ended up putting it in neutral and she fired up faster than ever before. Thanks for reading.

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Well, I'm not an expert on motorcycle charging systems or drivetrain damage, but I'll give my 2 cents anyway, 'cause I just can't keep my mouth shut.

  1. Did you ride the bike, and is it working ok? Just take it easy, it's fine. I'm probably like you, I want to baby it while I can, and then twist the throttle and go like hell when mounted up on the thing.
  2. I guess I can see how the rocking back and forth would cause the ECU to trip, not sure I've really had that happen before. I would think the current draw would be so low that you would have to drive cross country for it to drain enough. Not like a headlight or starter draw. Maybe the battery is close to end of life?
  3. As for the chain slap. Have you ever gone off a jump, hill, log, stream, sand, wet leaves, gravel, mud, whatever the heck, and did a bit of whiskey throttle, major wheel spin? Then she hits some traction, or not. That's gotta be just as bad as goosing it on the stand as far as stress, wear and tear. These bikes are tough.
  4. I have no idea how this numbering thing started. I was just thrashing away on the keyboard and fat fingered something.

Ok, got the numbering shut off. Let us know how it goes!

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