Sprocket Gearing for Hair Scrambles

I have stock sprocket gearing on my 01 426. In order to stay out of 1st gear and into 2nd gear, while racing in our local Hair Scrambles in south and central Texas, I was going to increase the back stock sprocket by 1 or 2 teeth. Has any one tried this? The new back sprocket would be combined with a new/stock front sprocket and new O ring chain. :)

i race x-country here in tx, i run 14/50 gearing..with a 12 ounce flywheel..works good


Are you talkin' the 80's version of eggs ?


are you talkin'

Hare Scrambles?


LOL!!! :)

Just razzin ya Fast!

I run stock gearing here in UT during a "average kinda" race which may be what your hare scrambles race in TX are?..

Have you ever raced one B4?

Here in UT we are lucky enuf to have 3ntls !

The tough part is knowing that they are going to run us out on the flats AND up in the mnts which require 2 diff types of gearing.

If I KNOW the course is TIGHT .......I will gear at 13/49 and if I KNOW it is wide open , I will gear at 15/49 or 15/48.

:D I have to use the full potential of the 4HUN to run down those damn 250's that get me in the tight stuff!!! :D

It is great when I am funning in 4th and they are wide open in 5th and I shift and WAVE!!!!! :D

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Thanks for the replys.

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