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03 KX250 In an 02 RM250 frame

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Hey everyone,

So my buddy has a 2003 KX250 with a bent frame, and I have a perfect 02 rm250 roller. Anyone know how easy it would be to swap the kawi engine into the zuki frame? 

From what I've read it should be fairly easy, because the engine mounts are almost the same with the early 2000's...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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So I stuck a KTM engine into a Yamaha. 2 of the mount bolts were even very close. Easy huh? Especially since I have a huge background in swaps. Ford V8s into Japanese cars, 4x4 drivetrain into a van and stuff...

Not really. I was a couple months putting the project together. A new intake was needed, a pipe needed to be fitted, the swingarm had to be cut, wiring! 

Now that it is done, I enjoy it, but then, I have to. The KTM and Yamaha guys have no interest in it. It is likely unsalable. I could have sold either component for more than I'd ever be offered for the running assembly. 

Fix what you have, or buy a straight frame. 

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