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DRZ400s no power, not starting

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Hey guys, though I'd throw it out there and see if I can get any suggestions on chasing an issue with a friend's 2006 DRZ400s...

Issue started with the speedo cluster flickering on and off, then it went off and now there is nothing happening when I turn the key on.  The bike is stock with the exception of LED turn signals that have been on the bike for years.

Checked the battery and it's good, after a full charge, I started checking fuses, connections, wiring behind the headlight and everything seems to be in order, checked the ignition switch and it seems to be working fine.

Did a current check on the battery and it has a draw of around 19/20mA, not sure if this is normal or not, I have a Claimer manual that states 1mA is normal, so not sure if this is part of the issue or not.

Has anyone ran into this issue??? Does anyone know how to check the speedo cluster for shorts or any faults?

Any and all help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Hey TT, thank you so much for the fast reply and dead on advice! replaced the battery with the one from my DR650 and what do you know, starts right up! I checked the battery from the DRz400 again and it is dead, charged to 12.6v but it's discharging on its own, down to below 11v in just a few minutes out of the bike.

Really appreciate your help!!!


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