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Sprockets teeth change and chain '96 kx310

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Just picked up a '96 KX250 and am going to throw a new chain on it. The previous owner changed the gearing around in an attempt to tame this thing. It's a 310cc beast.


I'm I'm the middle of rebuilding it and wanted to ask for suggestions on how I should gear this bike. I ride a KX250F track and trails and am thinking I may make this '96 2 stroke mainly for a woods bike maybe with a little MX in between. Should I leave the gearing as is: 14t/45t?


Last question is about the chain. Would I buy stock length or does it need to be longer/shorter when deviating from stock sprockets?




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I'd buy this kit. It will come geared as 14/49 which is stock. I have a 96 that I trail ride (nearly trials very SLOW terrain) and I've geared it 13/53. It's still not slow enough sometimes. 

How you want to gear it depends on where/how you will be riding it. You say woods with some MX in between. I don't know how slow or fast your woods are so I can't say what's going to work best for you. IMO, 14/45 is very tall but the 310cc motor will pull it no problem I'm sure but just don't expect to do well under 5 MPH without a lot of clutch slipping. 


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