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Help oil issues

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Hey I'm a two stroke guy and I just bought a four stroke... I rebuilt it and want to know what types if oil to run... I know there are two compartments but what do I put in each... Want to know name brands and types and what side to put them in transmission side or engine side. And what coolant do you reccomend! Thanks

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I hear TT is making a t-shirt about the much repeat whats the best oil question :)


IMO on my 05, I use an hour meter and replace both oils and filter MAX 10 engine hours or as low as 4 hrs depending on how, where I ride.

Maxima SynBlend 4 10w40 engine oil

Maxima MTL 80WT tranny oil.

Hiflofiltro engine oil filters.

Maxima Coolant 50/50 cus it occasionally  gets below freezing in the winter where I live and I usually ride 365 and store my bike out side 365

Well worth the $$$ to replace regularly with the best quality stuff you can afford cus I have about 275 engine hrs on my bike since the last top end and piston. Other peoples results may vary

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