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No more bike riding for me...

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August 20th 2017 was the last time I will ever likely ride a bike at all.


It's been awhile since I've posted,  but I've been darn busy! We road the dunes a lot this summer, raced more and just had fun! I got my motorcycle endorsement boughta buell to ride around town with my boyfriend .. and spent more time on 2 eheels than 4. 


Last weekend my boyfriend and I were heading home from a Friends house that's a few hours away, and were enjoying a relaxing ride home. Everything changed when a drunk driver lost control on a turn about us, we HAD NO where to go, hit us. The crash resulted in me loosing my left arm and my left leg.  


Life happens fast. And a selfish drunk changed my life, but did not ruin it by any means. The go find me has a link to the police info. And my name is right there so feel free to find me on fb. Just fugured, though it's been a while, thumpettes would realize why I'm so up so upbeat




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Oh my god. I heard about this on the news. I'm glad you survived and you are so upbeat about it. What an awful experience for you. How is your boyfriend? Did they catch the guy who caused the accident?

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