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LT-Racing Suspension Review

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When I got my 2017 300RR Race Edition, though I enjoyed the more aggressive nature of the CC forks and shock, the forks seemed to deflect and the shock didn't stick to the ground at slower speeds even after a increase in damping and change in other adjustments.  

I have sufficient time on the bike now to say that the work Les at LT-Racing did is stellar. He recommended that I go up a spring rate even though I'm bordering on the end of the range and even gave me credit for my old springs if he kept them. The back tire feels planted to the ground the front end doesn't deflect or wash out like it seemed to do before.  I ride at a fast pace and I liked the ability of the race edition's suspension to hold up well at speed and wanted to keep those qualities. He did exactly that while making the slower speed chop absorbed very well. I had my suspension done by a bigger name outfit on my KTM and this work blows that suspension out of the water. I found the happy spot to be 105mm of sag for my riding style. I ride a lot of rocks and roots and he knows how to make the bike behave in these conditions.

I recommend you check him out if you aren't happy with your setup, he's fantastic to work with and reasonably priced.


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that's great you are happy with the setup you got from LTR! he has made many riders happier with their bikes.dan

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