2000 suzuki lt80 starting problem

Hi guys just picked up a 2000 suzuki lt80 2 stroke oil injected my first 1 know nothing about these quads so here is the issue first issue it is very hard to start electric start only will only run with air box disconnected and you have to play with the choke move it up and down quickly...just to try to start once it is running throttle response is horrible it bogs like crazy sometimes dies out... and wont reach top speed bogs at the end of the powerband also is also it blowing alot of smoke maybe getting too much oil but will that stop it from starting?

I have cleaned the carb checked the fuel switch put in a better plug will by a new 1 tomorrow dont think thats the issue iam thinking maybe the reeds?



It's either a clogged pilot jet or worn rings...possibly both

come to find out i think it was just flooded i let it sit over night and put a new plug in it and it started up and ran pretty good however it is still kind of hard to start but it is 17 years old


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